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The Brandwatch Index

We analyzed social data using Consumer Research and search data using Pi Datametrics to see
how brands across 13 sectors compare against each other.


For all five categories, the leading brand receives a score of 100, and scores for all other brands are normalized against it.


Social Visibility

The volume of conversation a brand generates on social media.

Social Visibility

Web Visibility

The volume of conversation a brand generates across the web, including blogs, forums and news outlets.

Web Visibility

Net Sentiment

The ratio of positive to negative statements surrounding brands online.


Reach Growth

The growth of the brand’s following over the period.


Pi Datametrics Search Score

Brands scored based on search volume and value in Google search results

Search Visibility


The total of all a brand’s scores across the five categories.


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    Established over 100 years ago, Kellogg’s is a global household name. The company is well known for its range of cereals and for some of the best advertising and marketing campaigns in the consumer goods industry.

    One of the pioneers in using digital to its full advantage, Kellogg’s online campaigns have been similarly successful.


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