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Bring agility to uncertain times

Analyze billions of retail consumer conversations to understand what they think.
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Why Brandwatch?

Survive the purge

With the high street dying, you need to understand consumers online. Discover what drives behaviors for the digital consumer with Brandwatch.

Move faster than traditional retailers

Winners in retail predict trends and sell the next big thing. Use AI to monitor global trends and beat the competition.

Create a seamless experience

Retail consumers expect a seamless on and offline experience. Learn individual consumer preferences and build data-driven experiences.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

You struggle to understand your consumers and create marketing that resonates

You spend a fortune on focus groups, but don’t understand online demographics

You struggle to differentiate your brand and fear losing market share to smaller competitors

With Brandwatch

You intensely understand online consumers and win market share with relevant campaigns

Within minutes, you discover the demographics, interests, and professions of every digital consumer

You learn what makes competitors’ campaigns successful and build experiences that consumers crave

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